Olympics 2012 in London, Cardiff and Segovia

I am just wondering how long it will take to take down all those Olympics signs  from the underground, road side, public buildings etc. What a massive infrastructural effort the Olympics has been!   Where do they put all those "London Live" screens from Hyde Park and other parks all around the country - and flat screen TVs, flags, mascots, bunting that  are everywhere and  the huge knitted  "Lions Heart Project" lions in front of natural History Museum?

 It took two hours to drive through London on our way to the men's bronze medal football game in Cardiff. No comments! Even our teddies who have travelled around the country looked fed up.

Not that I want to be rude but I didn't know that they play football in South Korea or Japan. And that they are good. Very good.

I missed the Olympics Opening Ceremony when we were in Oulu but was lucky enough to arrive just in time to my God Daughters' house in  Segovia to see the Closing Ceremony.  WOW. It was amazing. How did they manage to get Freddy Mercury to lead the Sing-Along Session? And the madness of the medley led by Monty Python's Eric Idle that combined Naughty Nuns, Morris dancing, Bollywood Bling   under the umbrella of  "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". As mad as  Great Britain can be on its best. Veeeeeeery enjoyable indeed!

And my holiday continues in an appropriate Olympic Theme as my lovely God Daughters dive into the pool for their 'Moment of Shine': 27 meter's free style swim. 

It is difficult to say which one shines brighter under the burning Sun; girls faces or their medals?


Every little counts - kaikella on väliä

Ärsytyskynnys ylittyi sen verran taannoisesta Hesarin kolmunista, että perustin HeiaHeiaan oman ryhmän, semmoisen arki- ja hyötyliikuntaa ja kissankävelytystä tukevan, mutta saa siinä treenata enemmänkin aivan vapaasti. Se on tsemppiryhmän henkilöille, jotka minun laillani kirjaavat kaikki askeleensa ja jotka eivät välitä keskinäisestä kilpailusta, vaan haluavat tehdä hyvää itselleen ja kannustaa myös muita. Liittymispyyntöjä otetaan vastaan...

Ryhmän nimi on Every Little Counts ja löydät sen tästä osoitteesta (jos olet kirjautunut HeiaHeiaan): http://www.heiaheia.com/groups/4323326307

I was so annoyed about a column in the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that I established a group of my own in HeiaHeia. In the column the writer was pointing out that people think they exercise for real when they lift their bottom off the sofa. Some commentators were annoyed because they train for real and get only 5 markings in HeiaHeia when others get 20 when they post every meter they walk and other things that is not real sports.

But HeiaHeia is for everybody! There is no need to compete. For somebody (like me) vacuuming the house is real exercise. You can only evaluate yourself, not anybody else. Besides, HeiaHeia is supposed to be fun :-)

The name of the group is Every Little Counts and if you'd like to join the group, you'll find it on this address (if you are logged in HeiaHeia): 

Group description:

If you think that one step is better than no steps, that going for a picnic and painting with watercolors is good training for your body and soul, this group is for you. And if you like to go to to gym, running or bodypump - this group is also for you.

Tervetuloa ryhmään! You are welcome to join the group!
Viime kädessä kyse on valinnoista - it is all about choices.