Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

Week 40

Odd showers, dry for most
+14 C

Magic season of Bluebells has started. It is like the Ashridge Estate  would  have a huge blue lace covering its woods and grounds.

Oulu, Finland

+12 C, enimmäkseen aurinkoista / mostly sunny

Tori täyttyy ihmisistä ja joki kalastajista veneineen.
The marketplace is filled with people and the river with fishermen and their boats.

Ja Oulun Kärpät voitti jääkiekon Suomen mestaruuden! Kansa juhli kaduilla lähes koko yön.
Tästä näet ottelun jännittävän huipennuksen ja voittomaalin.
And Oulu's own team Kärpät won the Finnish league ice hockey championship! People were celebrating on the streets almost all night. Here you can see the exciting culmination of the game and the winning goal.


Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

 Week 39, Viikko 39

Berkhamsted UK, + 12 C
Some outbreaks of showery rain at times which may turn heavy in places.

The very much awaited Easter break is now finishing and the Summer term squeeze is about to start.  Memories from naughty kids at  Roald Dahl museum,  the first bloom of Blue Bells in Ashridge Park, the sparkling colour of white Lilac in Stoke Newington,  Easter Passion at Trafalgar Square and a leisurly walk along the South Bank will stay with me.

Oulu, Finland +14 C

Aurinkoinen sää, lintujen laulu ja heräävä luonto. Siitä oli tämä pääsiäinen tehty.
Sunny weather, singing birds and waking nature. Those things was this Easter made of.