Viikon kuva, Picture of the Week

Week 9 / Viikko 9

Midlands, UK
+ 1 C
Light snow, cloudy

Oulu, Finland +/- 0 C
Nice and sunny winter days

Lasten pulkkamäki torilla.
Sled hill for kids at the marketplace.

Purppuranpunainen kaupunki.
The purple city.

Toriteatteri esittää: Max ja Moritz (Wilhelm Busch, 1865).
The Marketplace theatre presents: Max and Moritz (by Wilhelm Busch, 1865). 


January %s

These lovely spring flowers are for all of us who have managed to take distance to  0% exercise level. 

Well done  us!

After I recovered from The Bad and Ugly Noro Visitor I did  every morning  (or sometimes later in the day) 100% of 5 minutes Pilates workout. You are right Petri Kokko; This little workout tunes me  into the day and makes me feel good. I'm telling  myself that it tunes my body as well but perhaps it is too early to say. To be continued.

 I have linked the Abdominal Challenge to my 5 minutes morning Pilates workout. I think I might be cheating with this one because I do not feel any pain. No gain if not pain... Isn't it true with abdominal exercises? Well- I'll continue this anyway as  I've past  half way to gain 100% success. To be continued.

15 minutes Pilates workout I managed to do 8 times in 26 days. That is 30% success rate. Can't be bothered. I'm not fit to this one. And the lady's voice in the DVD is bloody boring and she does all the movements far too quickly.  Binned.

1000 bonus points rewarded to myself for visiting the gym 5 times and having a walk 3 times in January. Both of these achievements represent 100% improvement compared to my 0% starting level. To be continued.

Happy February Everyone!