Viikon kuva. Picture of the Week,

Viikko / Week 17

Oulu, Finland +8C

The first of May is on the way. Patios are opening and the marketplace will be filled with life, all day and night long.

 And the seagulls are there for food...

East Midlands, UK
+ 9 C

Some early brightness in the east, otherwise generally rather cloudy. Outbreaks of rain will move in from the west through the afternoon. Temperatures staying on the cool side in a freshening southwesterly breeze.




(Arvie Calimlim)

Its spring its spring
Oh I just can’t wait
To find fruits on the vases
And flowers on my plate

I want to hear the warm sun
And feel the robin singing
Watch the scent of the flowers
And smell the butterflies flying

Its spring its spring
I’m so full of glee
For the people will bloom
And the flowers will be happy

The gray fields shall be covered
With the magic of the meadow
And the brown sky shall be painted
With the blossoms of the rainbow

Its spring its spring
How can I be blue?
For it is the time of spring
And only the spring brings you