Viiikon kuva, Picture of the week

 Week 8 / Viikko 8

+ 10 C, Berkhamsted, UK
  • A fairly windy day with broken cloud and spells of light rain, this mostly affecting Cambridgeshire, whilst mainly dry across Essex. Strong south to southwesterly winds along the Essex coast. Feeling rather mild despite the wind.
  • Tonight
  • Becoming dry and gradually clear overnight with cloud retreating northwards. It will also stay rather breezy which will prevent a frost.

Oulu, Finland -5 - +2 C

Lunta, sadetta, märkää, kylmää, leutoa, hieman aurinkoa... Kevät on tulossa!
Snow, rain, wet, cold, mild, a little bit of sun... Spring is on the way!


Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

 Week 7, Viikko 7

+9 C
Berkhamsted UK

Sunday evening
A fine end to the day with clear skies and light winds. These conditions lasting overnight, a risk of fog and patchy frost developing as temperatures drop. Cloud is likely to develop towards dawn to help raise temperatures a little.

Cloud and outbreaks of light rain will spread to all parts during the morning but then it should become drier again for a time late afternoon with some brightness.

Oulu, Finland
+1 - +5

Vettä ja räntää, ei aurinkoa. Lunta on hieman vähemmän ja tiet voivat olla liukkaita.
Water and sleet, no sun. There is a bit less snow and the roads can be slippery.

Ravintola / Restaurant

Kirjasto / Library

Kesätyömainos / Advertising summer jobs

Kissa / A cat

Kissankarvaa / Cat hair


Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

Week 6

UK +5 - +8 C
Severe Flood Warnings
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Staying windy and showery through Sunday.
It will be a windy day with severe gales across some southern parts at first with sunny spells interspersed with showers, some of which could be heavy. Through the day, winds should ease, with fewer showers generally. Feeling rather cold.

Luistinkenttä torilla
Skating-rink at the marketplace
Oulu, Finland -5 - +1 C  

Miellyttävän leutoa säätä, välillä lumi- ja vesisadetta. Tiet voivat olla liukkaita. Ulkoilusta voi nauttia.
Pleasant, mild weather, occasional snow and rain showers. Roads can be slippery. You can enjoy outdoor activities.

Kävelyllä puistossa
Walking in a park


Viikon kuva, Picture of the Week

Viikko 5 / Week 5

Oulu, Finland -14 - -4 C
Jäätävää tuulta, aurinkoa ja lumisadetta. Ei huvita olla ulkona. Mieluummin syön sisareni tekemää juustokakkua :-)
Freezing wind, sun and snow. Don't feel like being out. I prefer eating cheese cake made by my sister :-)

 Berkhamsted, East of England
+4 C

This Evening and Tonight
  • Dry but breezy overnight, with clear spells during the evening. Areas of low cloud will develop and spread up from the south as the night goes on, helping all but the most sheltered rural areas to avoid a frost.

  • Monday
  • +5 C
  • Most likely staying dry throughout, although it will become breezy. Some limited sunny spells are likely, although in general it will often be rather cloudy.


Walking up and down

What a beautiful day in London town we had today! We started our excursion by having  lunch in  the Crypt of  St Martin's in The Field Church , Trafalgar Square. Luuuuvly.

And then we walked and walked to Monmouth Street; popping into Gudrun's world , stopping in Govent Garden to have Italian Ice cream in La Gelatina and eventually strolling slowly to Foyles in Charing Cross Road.

Although this wasn't a long walk I have blisters on my soles. Never mind; walking is good.

Now it's time for the 'Bridge'; the second series is just about to finish and we'll find out  today if the brother of the ill Viktoria is behind all  of the nasty incidents. I think that in Finland you  have already seen a third series of the 'Bridge'. I am looking forward to having it here soon  in the UK.  I will be disappointed though if today's episode will not include an unexpected twist....