Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

Week 4, Viikko 4

Berkhamsted, East of England
+ 8 C
  • Today

    A cold, frosty start. Heavy rain and strong to gale southerly winds will spread to all parts by mid-morning. Rain clearing to scattered, blustery showers late this afternoon. Winds veering westerly and easing.
  • Tonight

    It will be windy overnight with clear spells and blustery showers, these perhaps wintry at times. Feeling cold with a frost forming.

The photos are from Dunstable Downs near Whipsnade showing a massive white calk lion that was built 1933 to indicate the position of Whipsnade zoo. It was a joyful surprise on one sunny Sunday.

Oulu, Finland
-14 - -2 C

Kylmä tuuli. Toisinaan aurinkoista. Lunta maassa (mikä on hyvä asia). Joitakin asioita, joita voit tehdä sisällä, jos et halua mennä ulos:
Cold wind. Sometimes sunny. Snow on the ground (which is good thing). Some things to do inside if you don't want to go out:

Ihaile alati kukkivaa amaryllista, jonka ostit jouluksi.
Admire the ever flowering amaryllis you bought for Christmas.

Hymyile kissallesi, joka leikkii kissanminttulelulla :-)
Smile at your cat playing with a catnip toy :-)

Tee mustikkapiirakkaa ja nauti päivällistä ystävän kanssa.
Make blueberry pie and have dinner with a friend.
Maalaa kuva talvimaisemasta.
Paint a winter scenery.


Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

Week 3 / viikko 3

Berkhamsted, UK
+ 7

Mist is forecast for the morning in Berkhamsted. Clouds will be numerous during the second half of the day.

Heading towards  Ashridge Estate   for a walk. 
... and what a lovely walk it was!

Oulu, Finland
-25 C

Pakkassää jatkuu. Aurinko näkyy utuverhon takaa. Hanki valaisee illan pimeyttä. Sisällä on ihanan lämmintä.


Perpetual Help

It was a smashing surprise to find a big printed copy from the icon of "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" in  the corner of St Peter's Church in Berkhamsted.

I love this icon. A long time ago I painted a copy of it in  High School in Oulu. I have found copies of this dear Lady in many churches in Europe but never before found it in  such a significant place in an Anglican  Church as I encoutered on Sunday .

Her eyes are gentle and it is if she is smiling at me quietly and encouragingly.

I do not mind a bit of perpetual help whilst continuing my exercise routine in the historic market town of Berkhamsted. This temporary location provides many opportunities to get natural exercise; the roads are steep, our house is on the top of the hill and the most interesting coffee shop is in the fourth floor (no lift provided).


Viikon kuva. Picture of the Week

Vk / week 2

Oulu, Finland +6 - -14 C

"Hyvä Tuomas joulun tuopi, paha Nuutti pois sen viepi." Vanhojen lakien mukaan joulurauha kesti Tuomaan päivästä 21.12. Nuutin päivään 13.1.
By, by Christmas - until we meet again!

 Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, UK +6

This Evening and Tonight: Occasionally heavy rain will spread eastwards to all areas this evening, before clearing later in night. Then clear spells with an isolated shower possible. A ground frost will form towards dawn with risk of icy patches as winds fall light.
.... I have sen Easter eggs in the shops already....


Viikon kuva, Picture of the week

Week 1 / viikko 1

UK, Midlands  + 5C
A mainly dry start, any fog patches lifting then bright spells, but becoming cloudy with rain moving across this afternoon, perhaps heavy at times later. Southerly winds picking up, becoming strong this afternoon with gales over hills.
(And yes - I have taken this text from BBC weather page, just to clarify that I am not a meteorologist. )

This road is my favourite one in Leicester. It is beautiful throughout the year.
It is pretty dull weather everywhere in the UK - but HEEEYYY there are signs of a new spring around  already. 

Oulu, Finland +/- 0 C

Talvi on ollut todella tylsä tähän mennessä: pimeää, sateista ja lunta tuskin lainkaan. Vaan arvaa mitä - tähän voisi jopa tottua :-)
It has been a very dull winter so far: dark, rainy and hardly any snow. But guess what - you cold get used to this :-)



Today it was time to polish myself ready for action; nails, hair, neck and back massage followed by a  facial.

Hello work - here I come!


  Time has changed and the world gets smaller. Now we can get quorn in Finland and 'Rahka' in England. Happy days!


Fit For Fifty Five e.g, 4F

It is time to agree with Oprah Winfrey who says "Cheers to a new year and  another change for us to get it right." Fit for Fifty - project got quickly berried deep under and  it is time to set a new goal for a next Big Milestone. I will call it 'Fit For Fifty Five' e.g. 4F.  I tell you guys it will be a bliming  miracle if this goal will become true.  But I will try and promise that I will buy a round of Mimosas for everybody around me  in March  2017 if I'm successful.

To keep this simple I start it simple and focus on my neck. It's killing me. I have bought a special pillow but I think it is actually time to do something also when I'm awake.

The last 'Fit' magazine introduced a simple short program for  getting a 'Good Posture'. I hope that this program will help me with my sore neck.