Picture of the week, Viikon kuva

UK, Midlands
Rain, Partly cloudy + 13C

Morris dancers  are dancing good bye to the summery weather.


Oulu, Finland, +10 C
Tästä on Suomen syksy tehty / This is what Finnish Autumn is made of
Aurinkoista ja pilvistä, ei sadetta / Sunny and cloudy, no rain
Lokki sumuisella taivaalla
Seagull on the foggy sky

Sumuiset aamut
Foggy mornings
Värikkäät puut
Colorful trees



Taking trainers for a walk!

It is hard to accept the bitter truth: None of my plans to get fitter, slimmer or healthier that I have set myself since the beginning of this blog have come true.

The moments of determination, excitement and discipline have been passionate but haven't been carried far or lasted long. 

I admire all those bloggers that have stamina to stick to their plans and share their rigorous health plans and success stories. Good for you. I keep reading your stories.

Maybe I am particularly thick and  silly because despite  very little evidence I still nurture my dream to be able  be a success.  Therefore I'm again trying to take off and rise like the Phoenix  from the ashes.  I am going to take my trainers to have a walk -  during my lunch break.