I won't compromise

It was like a sign from somewhere when I got a couple of Christmas pressies that were  focusing on mindfulness, relaxation and body awareness. These pressies provoked my  thoughts and I started this year by quitting from the gym.

Instead I enrolled on yoga and Pilates courses. I realized that I need forms of exercises that are easier to integrate into my everyday life; no need to take the car and drive to the gym and fight for a  parking space ending up in a busy hall waiting for my turn on the equipment.

I wasn't getting any fitter, more relaxed or particularly enjoying my gym experiences; rather I got frustrated wasting both my money and time. Well at the end I didn't waste time because I didn't bother going ....

So now I have two excellent instructors Jody and Charlie who have a very different approach towards a healthy life style - one is a champagne   lady  and another is more geared to gin and tonic;  Ying and Yang - Moon and Sun - We need both.  I am motivated, excited and already have noticed a teeny weeny progress in my ability to get my head on the floor in the child pose.

Namaste! MerjaUK

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